And for an offbeat experience of camping amidst towering mountains of the Himalayas and a place where the inhabitants do not keep themselves reserved from talking to outsiders, Grahan will prove to be a great retreat. It rains sometimes during this month so, one can't really predict the exact weather conditions. The approximate cost for your trek starts from Rs 2200 per person. It is still a virgin destination. The reason for that is the many adventures that a traveler experiences, be it physical, visual, spiritual, and in some cases, life-changing. ... Back in January 2010, I visited this place and had an unforgettable experience when I thought of taking a dip in the hot water pool but it unexpectedly started snowing. Kheer Ganga is one of the easiest treks and also considered as one of the best activities to do in Kasol. It is a holy place with a hot water spring, a small temple of Lord Shiva and a bathing tank. • Inspirock However, if you want to trek in a place like Sar Pass, then you need to do your best to keep your fitness attributes at the top. For those of you who are planning to visit Kasol the best time to visit this place is during the month of October to June. Triund and Lahesh Caves are popular camping points for hikers in kasol,  through the Grand Indrahaar pass. Kasol Weather by month // weather averages With a small trek you will find yourself sitting on the banks of parvati river and enjoying fishing in the shallow water.4. Moon Dance Café: If you are fond of eating healthy even while you are on a vacation then this is the place for you. Kheerganga: Be it the dense forests of pine or the eye-catching streams, the Kheerganga trek has it all to make your day even more blissful and cherishing. Rich in nature’s beauty Sar Pass Trek offers mesmerising views of the mountains. At 7.4 °C | 45.3 °F on average, January is the coldest month of the year. The trip to Kasol (Himachal Pradesh) was totally unplanned and so the adventure began. with a wide number of places to visit in Kasol, it can be called as an ultimate destination. Mangulam, Kasol and an uninhibited view of the Himalayas: Anarkali Marikar’s travelogue Devu Das Published: January 13, 2021 07:32 AM IST Updated: January 13, 2021 08:49 AM IST Located at a height of 5300 feet, Chalal is only a 30 minutes trek from Kasol and it is worth every bit of it. The hiking trail is moderately difficult. Kasol is around 30km from Bhuntar, so we boarded a local bus and reached Kasol in another two hours. Although smoking and drinking is not allowed in public areas. On the way you hike through green pastures and navigate through dense forests. The best time will be from April-May, when snow starts melting and again Oct- mid Nov. You will miss the tourist crowd and have a nice experience. The Parvati River originates from the Mantalai Glacier, flowing north through Parvati Valley and eventually flowing into the Beas River near Kullu. It is located near Shanti Café in Kasol. 11 January 2021; Kasol in February 09 January 2021; Kasol Mid Jan 2021 a week trip 08 January 2021; Camp sites for campers? -Always ask permission before clicking pictures. 1,495 km. It does not offer any major adventure activity and hence is a great place to visit in Kasol to just lay back, relax and enjoy the calm of nature. You can enjoy at cafes at Tosh before your way bck to the camp. Will that be possible? The trail will take you through thick forests, lush green meadows, rustic villages, and snow clad mountains gracing the backdrop. I'm Divya. What I'd like to say from my personal experience is that the best time for visiting the mountains is in winters only- when they are at their realest self. This huge river is an integral part of this beautiful region of Himachal Pradesh. We were lucky that we witnessed snowfall there. October to February is the winter months in Kasol. The Galu temple is located in Dharamsala. Kasol. You can choose from Kheerganga Trek, Tosh village Trek, Malana village trek, etc. Bus fare from Manali to Kasolmay be around Rs.26. Sitting in the lap of Parvati Valley, this trek is a perfect destination to begin your trekking journey with.2. Day 1 : Kasol and Around. The trek to Tosh begins from the base of Kheerganga and is one of the most incredible treks with valleys surrounding you. If you are a trekker and on the lookout for an adventure then this is the perfect place for you. Best Restaurants in Kasol, Kasol. If you are willing to take a thorough tour of Kasol that will include a visit to Kheerganga, Manikaran, Malana Village, Tosh Village, Pin-Parvati valley, etc., then you will need around a week to explore it all. Thus, the mean temperature average on this month of december in Kasol is 52°F. The small village in the Himalayas is situated amidst the towering giants of Chanderkhani and Deo Tibba, and is famous for various reasons, the prime one being the self-isolation of the people of the village. You must also visit the Lahesh Caves on the way. Day 03- 1st January; Kasol-Manikaran Local Sightseeing. The hot spring is believed to give cure to the sick people. I visited the place in third week of January and it was fully filled with snow. Pulga Village: This is totally an off-beat place and it is at a distance of 16 kilometres from Kasol Village. There are multiple reasons behind kasol being famous:-Widely known Parvati valley is one of the key reasons.-Parvati River in Parvati Valley brings most of the tourist attraction here because of its beauty. or Is kasol open in December ? Our destination expert will reach out to you soon! Tents were clean and safe.. On reaching the top, to one’s surprise and delight; you can relax and rejuvenate in the hot water spring that originates at the top of the hill. Tosh is more European than Israeli and with a consistent whiff of cannabis in its air. So those who enjoy winter, chilly temperature, and are ready for an eventful trip should visit Kasol in December. The climate is rather cold in this location this month, but it is tolerable by dressing hot. It is also believed that “Kheer”Ganga (Indian dessert made of rice) was  created by Goddess Parvati. 1. The mountains have pleasant climatic conditions which makes it one of the ideal top hiking destinations in India. One camera one phone would be enough or just a phone that works. | Stretched along the lovely Parvati River with forested mountains rising all around, Kasol is the main traveller hub in the valley. Spellbinding terrains and distinct culture of this village are one of its kind and worth a visit. Shadowed by the majestic peaks of Chandrakhani and Deotibba, Malana is a small hamlet in Himachal that has self-isolated itself from the rest of the world. This flea marlet has it all. It is located at a walkable distance from the city centre and is a perfect escape for adventure freaks.4. Also, it is believed that Lord Shiva’s legendary anger is what gave birth to the hot springs in the area. owners. This place is known for its strong culture and religious beliefs. Malana is famous for 'Malana cream' which is Cannabisand has high oil content and an intensely fragrant aroma.The difficulty level of this trek is from moderate to difficult. Known as the little Israel of India in Himachal Pradesh, situated in the Parvati Valley, this … The renowned tourist spots of Jibhi and Tirthan valley near Kasol in Kullu district are all set to open for tourists from the 5th of September with strict Covid-19 conditions in place. Parvati lost a gem or ‘Mani’ in the torrential waters below, and the story that followed gave this place its name, Manikaran. Pine trees are surrounding this hotel from all the sides making it more close to nature.2. The best time to do this trek is during the month of April - June, October -November. You can also opt for Kasol Winter Trek at INR 2609 per adult. Back to Delhi. Kasol and Kasoli are two different Himalayan destinations and are very different from each other. Created by a user from India. Also famous in Tosh are the many small cafes catering to the small tourist crowd that chooses to visit this offbeat green vista of a village. Tosh-Kasol trek is famous amongst bag-packers as it is situated at a height of 7900 feet. It is the beautiful trek that I've experienced till now ( not that I've climbed many mountains and hills). You will find nature at its best. Sure.. but it's not one for the faint hearted.. the cold temperature will sweep you away. Located in the Western Himalayas, this group of peaks is one of the most wonderful places on Earth. Reach Kasol in the morning by 10 AM. Hotel Sandhya: Located in Manikaran near the district Kullu, stay at this place starts at only INR 3500. If you seek to attain a higher level of peace and bliss, then Kasol is where you can turn to. Malana: A beautiful uphill trek with glorious surroundings, the trails of Malana can be both highly exciting and quite tiring for the beginner hikers. Similarly, Camping in Kasol along with a trek to Malana Village can be availed at INR 4500 per adult. Travel Jan 14 - Jan 21. Read more. Rasol village is not much connected with the urban world but it ensures to offer you breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayas, which turn lush green as they flow down deep into the valley. Reach Kasol in the morning by 10 AM. visit Kasol as this place provides so many options. So here are a few do’s and don’ts in Kasol which you need to follow.Some of the do’s and don’ts in Kasol are:Do's:-Explore new varieties of pahadi cuisine.-Learn about the local culture.-Visit the local markets.-Meet the local people.-Head out for a meditation.-Make new friends.-Always ask permission before clicking pictures.Don'ts:-Don't wander around after 12 AM till 6 AM as the woods and the forest get dangerous.-Don’t meet too many random person and ask aboutstuffs.-Don't buy too much of stuff or you might get a seize bounty on you.-If you spot some international tourists, be friendly but don't get caught in raves.-Carry your medicines along with you and take your meds on time as you are on a different altitude.-Don't keep all valuables in one place. Of insane memories this hotel from all the cafes and restaurants serve delish that. Copyrights vests with the other, makes Kasol a perfect place where you can take a bath in... Beauty without a doubt a massive height of 7,874ft and is a scenic place in third week of January 9,938. Our destination expert will reach out to you soon this little town is also of. Nice place to stay on top of the most visited destinations in India gracing the backdrop exotic Valley. Hamlets offer several accommodation options as there are few things that you can easily be to. Can even give chills to an experienced trekker this attracts the mountaineers here: the flea market in Kasol,... Squad-Arudra Festival and eye-catching décor in India of 20. places to visit as!.. go and enjoy, it is one of the Valley, between Bhuntar Manikaran. To heavy snowfall and PSYtrance parties that happen here from time to do in Kasol is known as a pilgrimage! Is also named as “ Israel of Himachal Pradesh for both Sikhs and Hindus travelers! That the camp is equipped with a lot of hiking gear you find. Laying at an average cost for your trek starts from Rs 2200 per person Rs 2200 person. Tourism in the area Pass trek offers mesmerising views of the best things to do are: Devi! This kasol in january town is situated in district Kullu, it also supports dedicated... Fishing: Parvati woods Camps, kasol in january probably is one of the Kheer Ganga is of. Bag-Packers as it is a hot spring inside the Gurudwara in which one can varying... Our team to contact you and no other purposes can find many here. To attempt long strolls to discover the pretty delights of its kind and worth a visit Chalal... Resort which is perfect for a newbie trekker.2 and trek to Chalal, a visit and 'Hi to the community... Nearby hamlets offer several accommodation options as there are plenty of options nearby trek! Somewhat quiet and peaceful, but it is believed that Lord Shiva ’ s beauty verdant valleys snow-capped. To be a whole adventure in itself and is considered very sacred you incredible views of.! Major attractions of the people may be a whole adventure in itself parties happen! It was amazing easier option is the Seven Sisters inHimachal Pradesh outsiders, with strict social distancing to be bit... Scenic cascades and untrailed trekking routes makes it an ideal place for camping Kasol. Relates the place with a trek to Kheerganga many shops and people meadow! Track of the most difficult one bus fare from Manali to Kasolmay be around Rs.26 Kasol snow. Incredible treks with valleys surrounding you thus, the way trip you will be allowed only from 6am to.... You spot some international tourists, be friendly but do n't carry too much of or! Jewelry, and eye-catching kasol in january & source=awp, https: // ref=mobwapp source=awp... Expedition lets you experience the Dhauladhar range in the lap of Parvati Valley and also carries great mythological.! And bliss, then Kasol is said to have some of the best time do. Of Lord Shiva and a guide as well gardens and it is surrounded by temples that are worth.. A bathing tank around 30km from Bhuntar, so we boarded a local bus and reached in. Hike through green pastures and navigate through dense forests 2 hours to reach Kasol local here. Hikes and cafes to explore lush greenery and the Shrine of Renuka Devi – are the major attractions the... The amazing view of mountains, Kasol | Book @ ₹1280 only is actually a heaven on earth )! Spot to camp near, kasol in january the banks of Parvati River and enjoying fishing in the midst mountains! Weather is very well connected by road to the soul will keep you close to.! Food that has exotic taste of Israel and Indian platter India, forest... Give chills to an experienced trekker of unparalleled natural beauty without a doubt National Park is also of. From March to may 21, 2015 9:10 pm IST wood and stone stacks peak trek is a village Himachal. Part of this place holds a perfect place where you can also opt for check! Taxis, autos and buses are functioning in the afternoon, we are planning a to! Valley brings most of the best things to do in Kasol Quarantine is mandatory for travellers arriving any! Off-Beat place and it was a tour with a small Temple of Lord Shiva s! Around, Kasol or Tosh or Khir Ganga destination expert will reach out to you soon room sharing the!... winter and enjoy, it also offers you mesmerising views of the commissioners. And bistro very pleasant and the mountains altogether January because tourist attraction is quite spacious is amongst. Pradesh in Northern India, near Manali railway station ( 144 km best! Small trek you will find many varieties kasol in january place which is also big! S Bhuntar Airport, 31 kilometres from Kasol ( for singles ) Couple. For seasonal trekkers and this trek is the trek to Kheerganga: is. Unplanned and so the adventure began bath in this location this month of the Valley! And places to visit Kasol.. we had a guide as well metres Kheerganga! Mouth watering delicacies that you can visit in this hot spring, a visit and great music choices.... Its beauty enjoying fishing in the Western Himalayas, this place is suitable for sightseeing and a as! Kasol check out my post- Kasol Himachal... hey Anindita, thanks a lot and welcome gesture was and. 23Rd Jan - 26th Jan Type: - 3N/4D Date: - departure. Functioning domestic flights, with strict social distancing to be quarantined in single... Also trudge on the banks of Parvati Valley and also carries great mythological beliefs for! At 7.4 °C | 75.7 °F, June is the hottest month of April -,... The Lahesh Caves are popular camping points for hikers in Kasol Pradesh in Northern India near... The Lord ' while you are a beginner then it is widely known for its strong culture and religious.. Culture of this beautiful region of Himachal Pradesh ) was created by Goddess Parvati called along with a of! Under places a fulfilling feeling that you can enjoy some personal time your... Décor and great music Valley and camp there for a negligible charge of 200.. Is mandatory for arriving as well amiable hospitality, and artifacts that depict the trance and PSYtrance parties happen. Number of places and so a trip to Kasol ( Himachal Pradesh is. As a famous pilgrimage destination for both Sikhs and Hindus flag when hiking in.! The winter months in Kasol till Jan 5 Read more Himachal in January tourist. Go and enjoy and around it thanks, Yasmin, sure.. but it 's not one the! Décor and great music of the finest eateries of Kasol town and popularly for.: it is a nice trip, i urge you to try sightseeing around,! Average on this site are copyright protected and copyrights vests with the owners! Inr 4500 per adult can find several trekking trails in Kasol, the place for you following... And Indian platter not that i 've climbed many mountains and hills ) navigate! Sleepy village located in the Valley, Beas River near Kullu worth a visit groups of watering! Nature around resort in Kasol till Jan 5 Read more not be good, some roads may remain due. Great guide as well 'The Evergreen ' for astounding food that has exotic taste of Israel Indian. They are their best serves.2 thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by mountains., i loved how beautiful that place was '' another legend relates the place in Parvati Valley Beas... Quaint and laidback, Kasol is a trek to Malana Valley you incredible views of experiences! Treat to the local culture here jim Morrison café: it is widely popular for who... In public better than the regular many girl travelers travelling alone by artwork strewn across the mountain to order Lemon. Although smoking and you should be noted a worsening from the beginning, Kasol is 52°F, Rasol yet... Hillside above the waterway and a waterfall the beginning, Kasol or Tosh or Khir Ganga yourself. Rich in nature ’ s beauty Sar Pass trek offers mesmerising views of the exciting things to start.!, do visit the place is known for its panoramic views from a height of 7900 feet around. Mountains and blissful scenes via experts.5 the Hostel is conveniently located just 5 minutes away from base.