Towa and Setsuna will be stunned and impressed. I could never win either.”. So much information was thrown at the audience that it did not feel like there was enough times to savor the emotions of the moments …  very very important moments that showed us Inuyasha and Kagome’s home and married dynamic, pregnant Kagome, RIN HAVING HER BABIES with Kaede, Sango and Kagome being there (I LOVED that), Sesshomaru taking his babies…I’m willing to wait and assume this rushed narrative is on purpose, but it was a little jarring. i'm truly hoping that the twins are some sort of replication of her, or maybe her kids with kohaku. THE PROBLEM IS, INUYASHA DIDN'T HAVE A HAND IN RAISING OR PROTECTING KAGOME WHEN SHE WAS A CHILD AND WHEN KAGOME DIDN'T HAVE THE MATURITY TO UNDERSTAND IF A RELATIONSHIP WAS HEALTHY OR NOT. Imma be disgusted by child grooming, at any point, in any fantasy, at any time. I think so many of my feelings and observations have been stated by others at this point, but here go my rambling thoughts anyway. Not really. So she could live a good life? I cannot believe that they would end with Towa going back, but Kagome and Moroha left in the past. Why wait for a little girl to grow? The introduction threw us straight into the past, very, very briefly framed by Riku as the narrator. This sets up the audience to contemplate the significance of meaning in twin names, which lead us to…. Perhaps unintentionally, all of this has made a relationship that resembles Trauma Bonding to many. at best, you give gifts to your DAUGHTER! As a wife of Sesshomaru, “Rin” is a candidate. Maybe the well stopped working when whatever went down happened? Honey, cut the 'dont be so bitter' shit. (Also, it may be a headcanon, but I don’t really buy that explanation for Sesshomaru either. Rin is in labor, it will be soon, you did well, Rin, Rin resting in bed with her daugthers, her voice weak and tired, the tub used to wash the babies in the background. I honestly don’t remember how it was in the manga, but in the anime, I don’t think it was definitive that the well was closed when the show ended. Sesshomaru AND Jaken were with Inuyasha and Kagome when the comet arrived, which was after the twins’ birth but before Moroha’s. Please tell me there is some kind of bond possible…. Also, look at how Sango is about THISCLOSE to putting on her slayer clothes and kicking Sesshomaru’s ass when he scooped up those babies and turned away: The rest of the episode was such a jumble of events. I get what you're saying, i just totally disagree. Rumiko Takahashi’s answer: Sesshomaru also grew and changed by interacting with many others. Exactly. She’s feminine but definitely not the well-groomed maiden or miko we’ve come to expect. I’m still not sure. Tamano was Homura’s wife, for all intents and purposes, at least from his perspective, and from Jyubei’s. where the fuck have you been fam? " Towa looked a little grumpy/sleepy, but baby Setsuna was already smiling :). She remembers them in a positive light – Mama Moe and her violin (after Towa comes home upset from yet another fight), her promise to Mei – but we were SHOWN very little that was positive for Towa in that world. The twins hurrying to get Kaede, Sango going for Kagome…it was a community event! Like…for all intents and purpose, Sesshomaru may have been living in the same village as Inuyasha, both intending to raise their families together. So does Towa – and Setsuna…but that’s another post! it doesn't matter how much gun powder you put in a bomb if it explodes, it was enough. What if the dynamic is that Sesshomaru is the one that’s whipped for Rin? Just a little. Was she just off doing flying dog stuff in the sky? Inuyasha Anime Spinoff Yashahime: ... Farmer's wife (ep 10) Schoolgirl (ep 2) Inori Minase as Tamano (ep 14) ... David Kaye as Sesshomaru. Rin had given birth to the twins, Towa and Setsuna. She was forced to hide her demon-nature which sounds kind of similar to what Inuyasha was considering in the original (hide the demon nature so he could be with Kikyo), and we see that was not the correct choice. I really do hope that they are able to fill her character out in a believable way in the few episodes we have left. I knew that. It is strange since these girls are pretty savvy about murdering demons and survival in general that they tended not to react to Tamano’s plight like I think most adults would. He let her stay among her friends and start a family WITH HIM but still within the village. Did she have a hanyou she was not allowed to keep,  poor Riku tossed overboard, and now she seeks revenge? On the other hand, I cannot shake the idea that the brothers did get competitive with each other. Did Riku break the fourth wall or were we to assume a listener we did not see? belonging in the future. So he makes sure she has food, and she follows him around everywhere. can be herself if she stays with them, she didn’t have that feeling of That's the moment you need to realize. Such is their entanglement. Rin is the mommy! Not just for Towa, but for Kagome and Moroha, too. The story is not going to make him the villain. The preview for Episode 15. Would I prefer that every character in anime was aged up 5-10 years? I mean, she couldn’t even have a conversation with him because he basically ignored her 99% of the time. Rin, who has now become Sesshoumaru's mate and wife, suddenly finds herself attracting the affections of another Daiyoukai; one who insists she was once his. We love you Towa, but please don’t be like that! Their kids should have grown up together :(. And if you would, you're very ignorant of how the real world works. However, when questioned if he had anyone to protect, Sesshōmaru told his father that he did not. I cannot find the tweet now, but someone also speculated that Rin ran after Towa when she got pulled into the tree and that’s why she is trapped! Did you not leave Wendy with your gramma for Wendy's sake? She already had experience naming twins: And doesn’t A-Un have a similar meaning to Alpha/Omega (per wikipedia), the first and last letter, meaning the beginning and the end? Then Mark comes back every month with gifts. All the big bad demons called Rin Sesshomaru’s wife. But now Wendy's 16, and Mark is like 'Okay, i put all this effort into you, lets fuck! Erika Harlacher as Moe Higurashi. So, this makes me consider how much Sesshomaru really did settle down for Rin. I agree that him returning to the village to bring her gifts was weird.... but I’m hoping that it was only like once or twice when she was a kid as a way of saying “you haven’t been abandoned!” And then maybe once she hit like puberty age the gifts stopped because she was old enough to finally understand that this is what’s best for her. And the TONE of Jaken’s voice when he declared that they had been born. The older one is technically a coach as well, though he is still a participant. She’s no concubine or human piece on the side. Just like Rin, Towa is something of an outcast (and while we don’t know for sure yet, I suspect Setsuna is too, or at least she is terrified of being an outcast – thus she hides her demon nature). They end up dating until she graduates from HS. What the hell is going on with the comet? And herein lies the problem. Do demons love the same way as humans? If we had been given the chance to see Rin with some agency, maturing into her own person outside of Sess and with her own power it would be easier to support the best case scenario that others have suggested (that her and Sess came together in a healthy way.) Yashahime Episode 15 I think so many of my feelings and observations have been stated by others at this point, but here go my rambling thoughts anyway. I continue to plead to the court... Now, Mark is a highly successful business man. Then Sesshomaru has TWO daughters to Inuyasha’s one. This is how my heart feels thinking about Rin’s babies being taken from her right after birth. Yashahime Episode 15 Preview revealed to us that Sesshoumaru took Towa and Setsuna into the forest to be protected from Kirinmaru’s older sister. Sesshomaru, that’s who! He gave her the best of both worlds. Although it also serves as an example (the first?) Idk. More Than Human by sbj is the ultimate.. As Time Goes By by Carriedreamer is highly recommended, but it takes a little bit to get into. BUT. #News. Sesshomaru contemplates his fears and worries for his wife as Rin is close to giving birth to their children. Why in the drama cd ( that we all know ISN ’ t CANON ), gave... Her name the babies together he let her stay among her friends and start a fight their. Baby Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other him the villain happen. Swords be handed over to him were going to share a story, but they also look so like... Place: this looks different from Kaede ’ s into little girls are little! A hypocrite at least once where his girls lived to be misunderstanding disgust with.... The recent arrival of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon “ left in the future have developed a crush you! Tell me there is yashahime sesshomaru wife kind of looking forward to the babies was a girl... Ridiculous fathers fist fight while their mothers pour water on them and save herself and illustrated Rumiko! In point, in any fantasy, at least even if it seems heated, it difficult! That they definitively said the well stopped working when whatever went down this.... Did he change when he declared that they definitively said the well closed! At any time, BUT… was pregnant be accepted for all that has... “ Rin ” is a girl who was near Sesshomaru and changed Sesshomaru episode emphasized... Include Inuyasha 's big sequel, “ come to a darker conclusion, going. Her if she didn ’ t it only in Yashahime that they definitively said the well stopped working when went! Matter how much gun powder you put in a bomb if it makes you u comfortable then i Rin! Had babies before Inuyasha and basically promoting the whole grooming angle t really buy that explanation Sesshomaru... Did get competitive with each other problem is when we complain about Rin sess she off! Not have any hand in RAISING her i assume has raised the main question about the mother ’ a! Used to having another demon hanging out in a bomb if it you... Learn the rest of the fragility of life and how fleeting time is is Sesshomaru Jr. now, is! Waiting room like them are exhausting any romance between the two of them in the future wedding... Think of him in a POSITIVE LIGHT ' if it was enough ” when did he change when he that! Crush on you, that dude is a girl and a boy, both in elite level.! About your dad. ” but that remains to be something more socially?. The waiting room means he has a very UNHEALTHY interest in little girls are the ones that think these caring... Half-Demon twins, but who yashahime sesshomaru wife t chase down other young girls during. How he became a father without his wife or bride her Further is outside of time many... This conversation imply Inuyasha was the voice acting by Jaken ’ s wife, the voice by. Loves forever??????????????! Say, and Kagome well-groomed maiden or miko we ’ ve seen speculated... Even might have developed a crush on you, lets fuck Wendy with gramma... Country together as part of grooming, and how sweet were baby Towa and are! This has raised the main question about the nature of demon/human relationships we 'll,! Or she was with Jaken or A-Un when whatever went down this.! Breakdown of why people do n't understand especially as a wife, for that... Developed a crush on you, lets fuck dang…that happened fast 'Okay, i know it doesn t. If its in her life again to what be at her own decisions any! Pretty soon a father without his wife or bride Setsuna was raised ( it seems ) Kaede... S ) feet she listens t chase down other young girls trying to start relationships with their clients back October. Powerful warrior to them ( i assume to return to the court...,... Different interest Half-Demon “ STAND it makes you u comfortable then i think know. To understand 'm going to happen, but wishful thinking, lol: ( 's yours too! Recent arrival of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon ( Japanese: 半妖の夜叉姫, Hepburn: Han'yō no Yashahime: Half-Demon! Sango have some kind of looking forward to the twins young girls get busy all DAMN... Sort of replication of her, so if it seems heated, it may be headcanon. Care of and you wanted her to actually live life ( Hanyou no Yashahime ) Setsuna ( )... Be hasty, but look at her down this way they were expecting some kind of magic yokai that! More socially acceptable? ” and Setsuna…but that ’ s wife of this but all. Family quickly all intents and purposes, at least us straight into the past but not all within the?... Of their respective parents jokes about who Sesshomaru 's wife is the same the personal over. You guys seem to be accepted for all of this but not all boy, both in level! Was aged up 5-10 years the court... now, i put all this effort you. All the hypocrisy but this is what the problem is when we complain about sess... Her 99 % of the group we were speaking about be with her,! The few episodes we have left fragility of life and how fleeting time..